Accounting Services
  • Preparation, filing and payment of legal income tax returns.
  • Income tax returns to the municipality.
  • Form 03.
  • Purchase reports.
  • ITBMS declaration.
  • Calculation and presentation of CSS payroll.
  • Advice on implementation-development of accounting department.
  • Monthly recording of the complete cycle and issuance of financial statements.
  • Study, evaluation and installation of accounting systems.
  • Calculation of salaries, overtime, liquidations, vacations, thirteenth month and other personnel remunerations.

Audit Services
  • Financial, Tax, Forensic, According to Agreed Procedure, Compliance (Internal Control) Audit.
  • Study and evaluation of the accounting, operational and administrative internal control system.
  • Advice, Consultancy, Planning, Analysis and Tax Diagnosis.
  • Observation of the physical taking of inventories. (Destruction and discarding of inventories and fixed assets).
  • Preparation, presentation and endorsement of income tax returns and annexes for legal entities and individuals.
  • Issuance of Interim, Compiled, Revised, Audited, Combined and Consolidated Financial Statements.
  • Request for the Non-Application of Alternate Income Tax Calculation.

Commercial Services
  • Training, courses and seminars to the company’s personnel upon request or within the area of our services, individually or in groups.
  • Study and analysis of personnel and administrative efficiency within the company.
  • Inventories
  • Search, selection and recruitment of personnel for the different positions or vacancies in the company.
  • Configuration and maintenance of accounting systems.
  • Opening of bank accounts.

Outsourcing Services
  • Temporary and permanent personnel placement.
  • Integral business.
  • Accounting and taxation.
  • Account analysis.
  • Payroll and human resources.
  • Implementation of costs.
  • Software for hotel solutions (SS).

Tax Services
  • Fiscal, tax and labor advice.
  • Preparation and endorsement of income tax returns and other year-end returns.
  • Tax planning and analysis.
  • Investigation, processing and diligences to obtain before the governmental authorities, commercial licenses, Social Security pre-prepared forms, tax refunds and others.
  • Counseling, analysis and discharge against the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and the Social Security Fund.
  • Services for municipal and sector taxes.
  • Statements and matters related to social security.
  • Expert opinions.
  • Litigation.
  • Other unspecified services.