We are a company dedicated to provide administrative, review, advisory, consulting, accounting and auditing services, in order to ensure that our services are transferred and applied under quality standards, as well as to verify the legal and auditing standards currently in force. Providing accessible and reasonable prices according to the requested service, keeping in mind the expansion of the client from the moment he/she requests our services.

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In October 1990, our firm CPA/TAX CHAMBONETT Y ASOCIADOS was created as an initiative of progress, desire for improvement and development, to provide quality professional services; directed within the technical and professional practice, by the Licensed and Certified Public Accountant Milton Chambonett.

Since 1992 we have been representatives of several international organizations of independent accounting firms among which stands out, CPA Associates International, of which we have been representatives in Panama since 2002. In January 2020, CPAAI merged with MGI Worldwide to create a major international accounting network and association that combines nearly 10,000 professionals in over 100 countries, together providing a wide range of new benefits, access to more business opportunities, broad geographic reach and significant exchange of knowledge and technology.

With the arrival in Panama of the Transfer Pricing Tax Standard in 2010, we are representatives in the Republic of Panama of GRUPO CONSULTOR EFE (, an internationally award-winning business consulting and compliance firm, with presence in the most dynamic cities of the American continent, destined to positively impact the business environment in which it operates.



To be a member of a worldwide Professional Organization, aimed at providing integrated and innovative business solutions to its customers, maintaining an active presence in the community where it serves, focused on the welfare of its employees and related parties; achieving satisfactory goals for its partners and shareholders. 


To be part of the best international accounting network and association of independent auditing, accounting, tax and consulting firms, which maintains its secure position in the top 20 world rankings of networks and associations to ensure that we can operate consistently with the highest quality standards.



To offer value-added services to our clients to ensure their business success in a global environment.


To be an international organization of independent public accounting firms, to integrate and strengthen its members through: training, exchange of information, organization of events, communication, promotion of business opportunities and quality review among them; regulating and standardizing the services they provide, promoting ethical and human values for the development of its members.


  • Teamwork: That brings together the efforts and skills of all those who make up the firm to provide added value.
  • Communication: Information flows between all departments to provide quality service.
  • Transparency: We act with objectivity and clarity, adhering to the legal regulations in force, generating trust. We perform our work with clarity and integrity.
  • Quality of service delivery: We offer professional services in an efficient and timely manner to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Honesty: We work in accordance with professional ethics, independence and objectivity.